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This is an overview of some of my TV & advertising work.
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  1. AG Insurance & Belgian Paralympic Committee | Ode to the great

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | supervising editor | Pitch.

    Produced by The Virus.


    CASE: The sponsoring board of AG Insurance asked us to create a campaign that would showcase the collaboration between AG and the BPC while also enhancing brand awareness and perception.

    SOLUTION: I created a campaign that aimed to inspire all viewers personally, and empower them to take action in their own lives. This approach helped to establish AG as a meaningful brand.

    We asked famous Flemish and Walloon influencers to seemingly bring an 'ode' to the Paralympic athletes, while actually addressing all viewers personally with an empowering message. We combined the inspirational texts with images of the athletes giving the best of themselves.

    The influencers were happy to contribute to a good cause, which in a way acted as a 'trojan horse' to have them lend their faces to an AG Insurance campaign and positively impact the brand perception.

    The bilingual campaign hit extremely high engagement scores on social media, and continues to live on. It overdelivered on KPI's and even outperformed the above the line campaign on some metrics. Moreover, the films created a win-win situation for the athletes (publicity), the influencers (perception) and the company (brand awareness and brand perception).

    See all 10 films on: . Participating influencers were Bart Peeters, Jan Decleir, Niels Destadsbader, Frances Lefebure, Laura Tesoro, Bouly Lanners, Kody, Typh Barrow, Alice on the roof and Sandrine Dans.

  2. Generatie K | Ketnet | Mini-documentaires

    Rol: Showrunner | regisseur | monteur

    In het Ketnet programma 'Generatie K' gaat Kristel Verbeke op zoek naar jonge helden. Ze doet dat aan de hand van verrassende candid-camera setups en mini-docu's.
    Deze armoede-reportage is één van de vele aangrijpende momenten in de reeks.

    i.o. Sylvester Productions

    Voor meer generatie K: zie

  3. Generatie K | Ketnet | Candid Camera

    Rol: Showrunner | regisseur | monteur

    In het Ketnet programma 'Generatie K' gaat Kristel Verbeke op zoek naar jonge helden. Ze doet dat aan de hand van verrassende candid-camera setups en mini-docu's. Ik bedacht tientallen candid camera setups voor dit programma, dat ook online en in scholen druk wordt bekeken.

    i.o. Sylvester Productions
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  4. India voor beginners | China voor beginners | CANVAS

    Rol: Regisseur & local producer
    i.o. Kanakna

    In deze fel gesmaakte docu-reeksen trekken bekende Vlamingen naar het buitenland om daar hun vakgebied te onderzoeken. Ik regisseerde ongeveer de helft van alle afleveringen, en werkte ook als producer in het buitenland.

  5. Showreel Creative work for De Mensen | The Virus


    Providing, pitching and supervising creative concepts for content and advertising campaigns | DE MENSEN | THE VIRUS

    Watch this if you want a quick overview of all the campaigns I created and supervised as the head of creativity at production company DE MENSEN | The Virus.
    I edited this reel myself on Premiere Pro.

  6. Belgian Fund Against Child Poverty | "Zo kan het wel"

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | Audiovisual director, camera, editor

    The Fund against Child Poverty was looking for a campaign that would both create awareness around poverty while also spreading a message of hope.

    I proposed to focus on existing successful landmark projects that effectively managed to reduce poverty for children. The campaign would take a hybrid form, with short clips to attract attention on social media and longer documentary-style films that would spread an in-depth message of hope, e.g. on national media channels.
    The protagonists of the clips would be the mothers of the children, hence allowing for authentic testimonials that could emotionally engage the audience.

    The campaign received critical acclaim from the sector as being "fresh" and "emotionally inspiring" and is now being distributed through the relevant government channels to inspire other local initiatives against poverty.
    To see the full length documentaries, go to