Tom Van der Velpen

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This is an overview of some of my TV & advertising work.
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  1. NN | Gelukkige Belgen

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | Pitch | Digital strategist | Audiovisual director for some of the clips with influencers

    CASE: When Delta Lloyd rebranded itself into 'NN' (with a strong focus on 'happiness'), Famous Relations suggested they collaborate with the University of Ghent to scientifically test the national level of happiness. This resulted in a successful offline earned media campaign, and... an online platform '' that needed traffic!

    SOLUTION: I created an extensive national social media campaign involving multiple concepts and different types of content, such as animations and video clips. This was the first pitch I won for NN (but not the last) and it paved the way for me (and The Virus) to get involved in the general rebranding strategy of the company.

    I oversaw the digital strategy of the 'gelukkigebelgen' campaign in close collaboration with OMCollective, Famous Relations and Wunderman. I also collaborated on other aspects of the campaign.

    RESULT: The campaign outperformed the KPI's delivering 650k effective views in one month, more than 18k likes and an extremely low cost per lead. To see a few more videos and formats I came up with, go to NN .

  2. De keuze van Clara | checkpoint tv.mp4

    Het verhaal van zuster Clara, die besliste om in te treden in een klooster.
    Regisseur | Camera | Montage

  3. showreel Tom Van der Velpen

    Watch this to get an overview of my work as an audiovisual director.
    TV work starts at 03m35s.

  4. De Kliniek | Vtm | Scripted Reality

    Voor Vtm regisseerde en monteerde ik verschillende afleveringen van 'De Kliniek', een scripted reality reeks.
    Regie | Montage i.o. Tuvalu
    Op deze cut werd de V.O. nog niet ingesproken

  5. Orde Van Vlaamse Balies | Famous Grey | Sociale Media Rechter

    ROLE: Audiovisual director & editor

    CASE: FamousGrey was looking for a director for their newest campaign for the 'Flemish Bar Association'. As I happen to have a law degree myself, this turned out to be a match made in heaven.

  6. Proximus | Undercover met Waes | screen capture

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | Pitch | supervising game play, UX and social media release.

    CASE: Proximus financially supports the development of Belgian fiction series. In order to increase their ROI, they wanted this to result in a positive brand perception and the collection of leads.

    SOLUTION: A gamified brand campaign for Proximus which also served as a promotional campaign for the series on TV, allowing Proximus to freely tap into the Vrt media channels.
    I came up with the idea of creating a game around the soon to be released fiction series 'Undercover'. The game would be released prior to the broadcasting of the series, allowing Proximus to "claim" the format and Vrt to promote the format.
    Also it allowed for a valuable interaction with existing and potential customers and the collection of data and leads.
    In the game, players were invited to "go undercover" with Tom Waes and prove their worth as a secret agent. Winners would be invited to a top secret launch event with the stars.

    RESULT: The game was a huge success with more than 60k people surfing to the URL or playing it. Also the game proved to be a great promotion for the series, creating value for both Proximus and Eén. Thanks to the success of the game, Proximus vowed its continuing financial support for the sequel of the 'Undercover' series.