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  1. BVN | TVC | 'NOWHERE'

    Creative | Pitch | Audiovisual director, cameraman, editor, photographer

    Mortierbrigade asked us to pitch for one of their clients, the satellite television broadcaster 'BVN'. They had already come up with an idea and a tagline: "Thanks to BVN, one can watch Flemish TV everywhere, even in the middle of Nowhere", with "Nowhere" being an actual existing location i.e. an island in Ontario, Canada.
    They asked for ideas on the execution of this concept.

    I proposed that we would send someone to "Nowhere Island" who had a lot to lose by going there. I suggested casting a grandmother who also happened to be a huge fan of the popular Flemish soap TV series "Thuis". She would then be sent to "Nowhere" right during the season finale of the soap (!). Those were episodes of the soap she really could not afford to miss...
    Hence this old woman made the perfect character to test whether one could - thanks to BVN - watch Flemish TV in 'the middle of nowhere'.

    I figured the choice of an old lady would heighten the sense of adventure for the audience as she made her way to Nowhere Island. Also, casting a true fan of "Thuis", would allow us to tap into the potential of the online community to gain free traction for the campaign.

    The campaign became a huge success both online and on television. Just like I proposed, the travel adventures of the grandmother were shared on a daily basis on the Facebook community page of "Thuis", during the season finale. This generated almost 300K organic views and more than 600 likes per video without any media budget.

  2. SP.A | 'Wij maken morgen' campaign movie

    ROLE: Director | editor

    Gutz & Glory had scripted an idea for an authentic movie with a strong grassroot feel to it. Because of a strict deadline, they were forced to work with extras, potentially risking a loss of credibility.

    I was chosen as the director of this project, because of my extensive experience with authentic testimonials.

    A beautiful film with authentic testimonials, shot with extras.


    ROLE: Creative | Audiovisual director, cameraman, editor

    CASE: One cannot pretend to have any real strategic social media skills without having experimented personally with the social platforms. That's why I decided in 2016 to create a vlog together with Landvogel and 3 semi-famous young women.

    The vlog described itself as a 'funspiration' channel in which three BFF's test all kinds of products and hacks for women.
    The format quickly became popular in an organic way on Facebook, topping 3k subscribers after 2 months. It helped me to get an insight on how vlogs can be marketed, what works on social media and what doesn't...
    Unfortunately, the three protagonists of the vlog didn't feel like continuing their collaboration, which caused the experiment to end prematurely.

  4. KETNET | 'Generatie K' | Docu Autisme

    ROLE: Creator and showrunner (director | editor in chief)
    For this program I had (a.o.) to invent 25 challenging candid camera setups for children.

    Generatie K is a children's rights program on Ketnet, created by myself and Sylvester Productions.
    The program was built around two main elements:
    - The first is a highly entertaining candid camera test in which we go looking for 'heroes': children who stand up for themselves and others when they are confronted with an unexpected and socially challenging situation.
    - The second consists of a 10-minute documentary about Belgian children dealing with challenging situations, such as poverty, sick parents, autism, refugees, etc... The program is hosted by Kristel Verbeke.

    The program has now been broadcast for three years in a row. After the first initial 20 episodes, Ketnet ordered 10 more acknowledging the success of the series. Because of its relevance, the program is also being used in schools as a specially designed educational package.

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  5. AG INSURANCE | #Protectme campagne

    ROLE: Conceptual Creative | comedy & copywriter | digital strategist | audiovisual editor

    AG Insurance wanted to activate its brand claim "supporter of your life".
    They were considering a prevention campaign to take action against the more than 20.000 fires that rip through Belgian houses each year. 

    This became a landmark case about branded content:
    To guarantee the effectiveness of the campaign on social media, I proposed to target the existing community around Flanders' most popular TV series "De Kampioenen". (AG had already successfully sponsored the third feature film of "De Kampioenen" and felt this worked out well for them)
    We casted Herman Verbruggen (aka 'Marcske') in the role of a clumsy firefighter. For the Walloon part of the country, we chose David Zecca, host of the famous daily TV show "Septante et un" on RTL. His role was to play a rather naive version of himself, while instructed by a real firefighter.

    Around those influencers, we created a fictional branded content series based on comedy. The scripted humour was adapted for each language group to make it recognisable and relevant.
    Also we engaged the public emergency services to add credibility to the campaign and the brand.

    As an online strategy, I suggested working with a blog to create organic search hits around the existing prevention topics. This allowed for AG to stay relevant, even after the social media campaign had ended. (when one searches for 'fire blanket' these days, the video of AG is still on top of the Google ranking)

    The campaign performed exceptionally well on social media earning AG Insurance a lot of brand likability and engagement. With organic engagement rates of up to 1.5k per post and a cpv of 0,009 € , it outperformed the above the line campaign on several levels, while also effectively making Belgium a safer country. The campaign was later extended to the prevention of burglary, in collaboration with the Belgian police services.

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