Tom Van der Velpen

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This is an overview of some of my TV & advertising work.
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  1. JAGUAR I-PACE | Sociale Media Campagne

    ROLE: Conceptual Creative | Pitch

    CASE: Jaguar wanted to showcase the range of its new I-Pace, claiming the current buzz around climate-change. They asked us to pitch for a creative approach.

    SOLUTION: I created an online format with Jill Peeters, the ambassador of 'Climate without borders', in which she would try to drive the new Jag through 5 countries on a single charge. We finished the clips in several short formats, including a youtube preroll which served as a teaser.

    RESULT: Broadcasted around Christmas in the lead up to the annual 2019 Brussels' Motor Show, the campaign did well on social media and convinced Jaguar to come back to us for more work.

  2. Cardoen | Cinema campagne | 'Vindegijdanormaal'

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | Script (comedy) writer | Pitch

    Cardoen was looking for a B2C cinema campaign similar to the popular Flemish "wat als" television series. They wanted to highlight their unique value proposition compared to other resellers by using humour, but without ridiculing the competition.

    I won the pitch by creating three scripts in which we superimposed the car buying process on other transactions such as ordering food in a restaurant, buying a dog or choosing lingerie for a spouse.
    By carefully scripting the films, we managed to make three versions of each script: a 15 sec Instagram trailer, a 30 sec Facebook video and the 60 sec cinema version.

    RESULT :
    The client loved the scripts so much they gave the films a rerun in the cinema's.

  3. JBC | Mode is Mood

    ROLE: Conceptual Creative | Strategy | Pitch

    CASE: JBC was looking for an online campaign that would help launch their new fashion line in collaboration with Karen Damen.

    SOLUTION: I proposed an inspiring vlog format based on authenticity. We focused on story-telling and created topics that would also fit a content marketing approach. Moreover, we collaborated with SBS to launch the vlog on their website, together with Karen's new program "Karen maakt een plaat".

    RESULT: The Vlog was the most successful online format ever for SBS, attracting more than 100k unique visitors. JBC will continue the format and the fashion line for the years to come.

  4. VGC & MUNTPUNT | 'BRUSSEL IS' | Guerilla city marketing campaign

    ROLE: Creative | audiovisual director & editor. I am very proud of this project as it showcases some great and effective experiential marketing concepts.

    'Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie' (VGC) and 'Muntpunt' contacted me in early 2012 to pitch for a city marketing project that would positively impact the perception of Brussels in Flanders and generate content for social media.

    I won the pitch coming up with the name "Brussel is...", creating a campaign based on experience marketing in the streets of Brussels. I organised viral interventions in the everyday lives of the citizens, which were filmed and turned into social media content.

    The low-budget campaign received lots of earned media attention (Flemish radio host Jan Hautekiet was a big fan), both online and offline. Without large advertising budgets, the films still managed to do very well and one of them featuring babies ( ) even earned me a nomination for the ENAR Foundation Awards.
    Based on the success of the campaign, I was consequently asked to direct the official opening ceremony of Muntpunt for which I created a 3D projection mapping on the "Muntpunt" building and a visual approach based on the "Brussel is..." tagline. See

  5. Group Bruno | Instastory

    ROLE: Conceptual creative | pitch

    CASE: Bruno is a brand of petrol stations mainly in Limburg. All stations have a premium Italian restaurant attached to them. As youngster aged 12-16 often pass after school to buy snacks, this is an important target audience for Bruno. They asked us to launch a campaign that would appeal to this age group.

    SOLUTION: I came up with an interactive instagram & snapchat stories concept that would allow for a great degree of engagement. Using the built-in "poll feature", viewers got the chance to steer the story in a direction, and decide on the plot-line.

    RESULT: Although the final look and feel of the story was out of my hands, the story was precisely targeted reaching a large audience. After several months, it continues to feature on the Bruno instagram home page.

  6. Campaign for FOD Volksgezondheid 'lezen voor gebruik'

    Working for The Oval Office, I wrote all the scripts for the movies in this campaign.